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Find Your Inner Acrobat and Bring a Friend to Ophidia Studio's Doubles Pole Workshop

Thursday, Dec. 29


The term "doubles pole dancing" might sound like cosmo-induced amateur night at the local bikini bar but it's far from it. At Ophidia Studio, it's a backbreaking, palm-chafing workout that puts an exotic dancer's moves in a whole new perspective.

"It's more Cirque du Soleil than sexy," Ophidia owner and pole instructor Allison Holley said.

It's more in line with Chinese acrobatics than sultry dancing. And for this new doubles workshop it's more about finesse.

Holley created the workshop in response to a student who wanted to bring her boyfriend as a partner. The clinic welcomes men and women to bring a partner and learn the skill with male and female instructors.

Holley even has a move to show off the acrobatic nature of doubles pole dancing:

"There's a base who goes to the top of the pole and hangs upside down, holding the pole between their legs. A flyer will come up and grab onto the wrists and hang upside down below," said Holley. "It's hard to explain."

"Flying" refers to a dancer literally in the air during a pole routine. While the adventurous can try their hand as a flyer with their instructor, this workshop caters to all skill levels.

"There are some beginner spins with just interlocking legs," she said, for those just learning the ropes, er, poles.