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FInd: Weiser Classic Candy

Confections that will make your eyes roll back in your head


You know those chocolate commercials, the ones where smooth-skinned, impeccably thin ladies bite into a tiny shaving of chocolate like they're headed for the electric chair? Eyes closed, lips pursed, they chew slowly, words like "sinful," "sumptuous" and "silky" swirling in the background. Sarah Haskins harpoons the ads hilariously--alongside yogurt and birth control ads--on her Internet video show Target Women.

But anti-feminist underpinnings aside, these choco-gasm moments do actually happen. Case in point: Weiser Classic Candy. Chomp down into one of its coconutty, dark chocolate confections and your eyes will invariably roll back in your head.

The small town corner candy store formerly known as Fawn's Classic Candies was purchased in 2007 by Weiser residents Patrick Nauman and Keith Bryant. The lads amped up the candy shop's options, adding 20 new varieties of sweets--including dark chocolate caramels with red Hawaiian sea salt, cherry bombs and nutty gold diggers.

If you can't make it all the way to Weiser for a hit of cocoa, makes it simple to browse online, dividing the delectables into chocolate truffles, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and fudge. The company even has chocolate mints especially for Boise State Broncos fans with a sweet tooth.