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Find: The Algerian

Punk zines should read the way raw onions taste.


Boise's zine culture has long needed a kick in the pants. It's not that no one bothers with the photocopied, limited-run fanzine format locally, it's just that after an issue or two, the folks behind the zines generally get a job, girlfriend or have a spiritual conversion and don't bother to keep things up.

Not so with the local cranks at The Algerian. The rough and tumble zine just put out its ninth issue since popping up in various Boise dens of iniquity last winter.

The Algerian chronicles local skate and punk culture with photos, essays and interviews with local bands and comedians. It also occasionally delves into Bill Cope-style grumblings about government flimflammin', and the such.

But some of the best features about The Algerian are the stunts the zine pulls in the style of the Larry Flynt-helmed skate magazine Big Brother. For the latest issue, the zine offered free caramel apples to locals, then took pictures of their faces when they ate them. The catch? They weren't caramel apples, they were onions.

You can find The Algerian randomly distributed at downtown coffee shops and bars like The Crux, Red Room and Flying M, alongside a jar for donations to keep it publishing. But if you boldly shove the zine into the back of your pants, wave your middle finger at the donation jar and steal the sumbitch, even better. You get what The Algerian is all about.