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Find: Tapatio-Flavored Chips

Hat-man Doritos, Fritos and Ruffles hit shelves this year


One glance into the Tapatio Hat Man's effeminate sparkling blues, and I was hooked. With cheekbones like that, I thought, this sauce must be smoking hot. But after I splashed a few fiery glugs onto a breakfast taco, I fell hard. Now, I keep a bottle close by at all times, ready to dash a zip of not-too-vinegary, peppery heat onto anything ensconced in a tortilla.

Though some might claim to prefer the detached stare of the ruddy-cheeked Cholula wench, I'm not fooled by her good girl, Virgen de Guadalupe-esque pose. Cholula is a taco-wrecker, which is why I nearly leapt out of my zapatos when I saw the new line of Tapatio-flavored Frito Lay products. Hat-man flavored Doritos, Fritos and Ruffles hit shelves in April, aimed at "consumers looking to add a zesty kick to their snacking."

After tearing into a bag of the Tapatio Ruffles, I can confirm the presence of said zesty kick. Unlike all those garish "flamin' hot" chip varieties, Tapatio Ruffles keep it classy with a smoldering heat that spins and dips your taste buds like the Hat Man would romance a lady on the dance floor. Add in a sour spritz of limon and that's a chip I'll tip my sombrero to.