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Find: Sticks and Stones Jewelry

These handcrafted pieces won't break your bones or the bank


Before "your mama" gained acceptance as a legit comeback, the old zinger, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" provided picked-on pipsqueaks with a quick retort. Now, grown-up geeks can commemorate their schoolyard bravery with jewelry from Sticks and Stones Accessories, a Portland, Ore.-based collaborative of designers, jewelers and artists.

Sticks and Stones crafts unique rings, necklaces, cuff-links and tie-clips from rare materials like wood, bone, antlers, black diamonds, white sapphires, topaz, turquoise and lapis lazuli. Sticks and Stones pays painstaking attention to detail, according to its website:

"All of our pieces are sanded by hand bringing the wood to its smoothest state. Each piece is then cured for three weeks in an oil blend that soaks into the wood and hardens, forming a shell. This protects your piece from the elements, and helps to maintain its original luster."

Stand out items include the Dirty Peach, a necklace featuring a peach-shaped pendant made from vegetable ivory sourced in Ecuador and double finger maple-and-ebony wood rings inlaid with black diamonds or turquoise cabochon. Another necklace, The Egg, features a pendant made from piassaba palm nuts. When refined, the nuts are said to resemble a fossilized dinosaur egg, which is one more way to show those bullies how far you've come.