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Find: Reena's Exotic Indian Ice Cream

Pistachio, saffron and almond. Need we say more?


There's something both stunning and overwhelming about the colorful rows of spices--deep yellow turmeric, burnt red chili powder, green-beige cumin and yellow-brown fenugreek--lining the shelves at the new India Foods on Fairview Avenue. The plastic packages conceal a universe of flavors and textures unfamiliar to the average Idaho palate.

But once you wade past the spices and into multi-hued bean territory, things get even more confusing--bags of masoor, kabuli chana and moong dal all call out for culinary experimentation. But if figuring out what to do with these ingredients sounds intimidating, fret not. India Foods also offers something familiar to American tastebuds: ice cream.

But this ain't no Ben and Jerry's. Reena's brand ice cream comes in exotic flavors like mango, fig, cashew raisin and, our fav, the Kesar Pista blend of pistachio, saffron and almond. This barely sweet, delightfully creamy treat is ideal for folks who detest cloying desserts. After the initial bite, an unmistakable, yet indescribable burst of saffron hits your tongue and blends with the rich cream and light crunch of pistachios and almonds.

Reena's ice creams come in 4-ounce, pint and half-gallon sizes. Whichever size you get, we doubt you'll make it out of the parking lot without polishing off the whole thing.