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Find: ProCamera

Available on the iTunes app store, $5.99


Professional-quality photos are the pot-o'-gold at the end of the smartphone rainbow, and it seems like every year, the major phone-makers release new models with better lenses and bigger sensors. With these improvements, they argue, users will be able to take more stunning photos of their adventures, food and friends. But that's not what's wrong with your Instagram feed. The native iPhone Camera app doesn't let folks futz with their ISO, shutter speeds or aperture settings, making a shot that looks like it came from a full-frame camera more elusive than it should be. For the on-the-go photographer who wants all the tools, there's ProCamera ($5.99), which takes the dials and levers out of the hands of the photo program algorithm and gives them back to the photographer. It has scores of features, like grids, anti-shake, rapid fire, aspect ratio toggles and a photo editing suite, giving amateur shooters the best edge short of throwing down for a new DSLR lens.