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Find: PajamaJeans

Redefining casual Friday


The things waiting to be discovered on television in the early hours of the morning are fascinating. And hold on to your Snuggies, folks, because the next big thing in lazy loungewear is upon us, thanks to early morning TV.

PajamaJeans are a cross between jeans and leggings, only softer because of the special "Dormisoft" blend of cotton and spandex. According to the commercial, they are perfect for exercising, running errands and lounging in--or for throwing into a suitcase for a spontaneous weekend getaway to the seaside because, of course, they don't wrinkle.

A "famous European designer" invented them, and they come in eight sizes. The statuesque among us are out of luck, as they only come with a 31-inch inseam. However, "they are cute if you roll the flared bootleg into a cuff and wear 'em with your sexiest shoes."

Wait, what?

Yes, for those mornings when rolling out of bed, throwing on a hat and heading into work sounds way better than the whole showering-and-hygiene thing, you can just wear your pajamas. PajamaJeans, that is. But don't forget your sexiest shoes. Yes, it's lazy on a whole new level.