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Find: Lunatec Aquabot Sport Water Bottle


Every camper knows this feeling: It's just after a meal and you're ready to pack up the dirty dishes, but there's no running water in sight to wash them. Pouring a sad stream from your run-of-the-mill water bottle is one option, but outdoor gear provider Lunatec has a better one: Use the Aquabot Sport Water Bottle ($30-$32), a next-level vessel that has a built-in high-pressure jet (no batteries necessary) for just such occasions. It also has a misting feature for on-the-trail cooldowns and a shower spray option for hosing off in a pinch, all with flow control built in. The Aquabot Sport looks just like a typical water bottle—and you can drink out of it like one, too. Plus, it works upside down, and the over 25-foot reach of its stream will inevitably start (and end) some very mature water fights.