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Find: Heirloom and Vine Furniture

Custom furniture made in the Treasure Valley


If you've ever assembled something from Ikea--twisting a cheap metal key to tighten teeny metal screws in a Bjorn bookshelf--you know you get what you pay for. Unique, high-quality furniture rarely requires assembly.

Eschewing the mass-produced mentality, husband-and-wife team Brandon and Anne Henderson recently formed a custom furniture company called Heirloom and Vine.

"The idea behind it is to provide heirloom-quality furniture that will last somebody their entire lifetime and will move into the following generations and still be valued and loved and usable," explained Anne.

Brandon, a fourth-generation woodworker, crafts simple, space-conscious pieces using wood from a local mill in Caldwell that dries hardwoods from around the Treasure Valley. One piece, a bungalow bench, was inspired by the iconic home design and uses reclaimed Douglas fir and an all-natural beeswax finish.

"We think that a lot of furniture is just so huge and bulky and it's unrealistic for a lot of people's living situations," said Anne. "More and more people are choosing to live in smaller homes ... we want to support that kind of lifestyle."