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Find: Greenaid Seed Bombs

Guerrilla gardening for everyone


The war on urban ugliness has reached an exciting new pinnacle. No longer does the burden of city beautification rest on hunched backs of guerilla gardeners flitting through the streetlight shadows. Now, thanks to Los Angeles-based design firm Common Studio, those who want to add a lush splash of color to an abandoned parking lot or a cracked sidewalk need only a little pocket change.

Employing uber high-tech quarter-operated candy machine technology, Common Studio has developed Greenaid seed bomb vending machines. Seed bombs--golf-ball-sized, self-contained flowerpots made from a mix of seeds, compost and clay--can be pitched, baseball-style, into junk-filled dumps or shot like a bullet from a slingshot into fenced-off lots.

Greenaid's mission is to be an "interactive public awareness campaign ... that engages directly yet casually with local residents to both reveal and remedy issues of spatial inequity in their community."

Though Boise doesn't currently have any Greenaid seed bomb vending machines, local boutique Bricolage will be getting one soon.

Any business or concerned citizen--nudge, nudge--can purchase or rent a machine easily. The company helps develop "a seed mix as well as a strategic neighborhood intervention plan." This is a war we can dig.