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Find: Google Weddings

Wedding-related templates for Google Docs, Google Sites and Picnik


Google has now weaseled its way into every stage of your relationship. It starts off with name-Googling. With a pounding heart, you scroll through link after blue link, hoping no felony convictions or messy divorces turn up amid the high school sports scores.

Then comes the G-mail chat phase. After you ease your way into the G-mail hot tub, you have to weigh the pros and cons of adding your S.O. to your G-chat list. Do you want him or her to know every time you're online and not talking to them? Or vice versa? After that period subsides, you progress to the Google Maps phase, plotting romantic road trips and far-off retreats.

Well, now Google has taken the logical next step in lording over your relationships: Google weddings. At, Google has compiled wedding-related templates for Google Docs, Google Sites and Picnik that help make planning the dun-dun-da-dun a little less daunting. For example, through Google Docs you can access tools to help you plan your budget, compile a music list, lay out a reception menu and organize a seating chart. Google Sites then helps you create and edit your own personalized wedding website and Picnik lets you upload and edit smoochy photos and invites.

Wedding planner, schmedding planner.