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Find: Flying M Manties

Flying M brand men's briefs


Pants are exhausting. Especially when you have to put them on in the morning--one painstaking leg at a time--before you bike down to Flying M for your first nervous system-activating cup of coffee.

Well, the M feels for you. That's why it sells its locally roasted coffee by the pound, so you can sit in your skivvies sipping Sumatra before you attempt dexterous feats like dressing yourself. But if that just doesn't quite do enough to recreate the coffeehouse vibe you've come to know and love, Flying M now offers another way to show your, ahem, support: Flying M men's briefs.

The M's new manties come in four Play Doh-bright American Apparel colors--mustardy gold, turquoise blue, mossy green, traffic cone orange--and are emblazoned with the M's iconic winged logo. Now you can flash your goods with pride as you spend the forthcoming sweltering months pantsless in front of the open window, swilling iced coffee with the ceiling fan cranked up on high.

Butt if tighty-brighties aren't your preferred bottom-coverer, Flying M also has a new line of slightly less-scandalous, white-piped '70s track shorts as well.