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Simplify your online presence


Between Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Blogger, Digg, Etsy and Bandcamp, it can be hard for even the most fanatical members of your fan club to keep up with your daily postings, links, creations and ramblings. Well, not anymore. has created a platform that unifies your online presence.

With only an e-mail address and a password, you can create a free landing page emblazoned with your name, a personalized bio, a quirky picture and icons that link to each of your various creative Internet feeds. You can easily manipulate each of the elements on the page--choosing everything from the layout to the fonts to the color scheme--and in a few short minutes, create your own, totally profesh-looking home page.

Or, if you want even more options, $20 per year gives you access to unlimited layouts and fonts, gives you a custom URL, lists your page in the directory, gives your real-time stats for who is visiting your various social sites and even allows you to upload custom content.

Lifehacker dubbed "a simple and elegant personal portal" and Venturebeat commented that it's what would happen if "Conde Nast built FriendFeed."