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Find: Edible Selby

A colorful foodie photo blog


Scrolling through vibrant photos of restaurateurs Eric Werner and Mya Henry shopping for heirloom tomatoes, bulbous squash and blood-red meats at a Mexican market, it's hard not to covet their lives. Werner runs the open kitchen--cooking up dishes like potatoes with fennel pollen, shrimp grits and roasted octopus--while Henry shakes up fresh-fruit-filled cocktails at their restaurant, Hartwood, in Tulum, Mexico. The duo was recently highlighted on the photo blog Edible Selby, which regularly profiles notable chefs and artisan foodies the world over.

Spearheaded by portrait, interiors and fashion photographer Todd Selby, Edible Selby is an offshoot of his blog, The Selby. Selby started his original photo blog in 2008 by snapping shots inside his creative friends' homes. Soon, Selby was being invited around the world to document the lifestyles of creative types, from San Francisco to Auckland, New Zealand. Now Selby's life seems as covetable as the subjects he photographs.

Edible Selby's latest entry is on famous chef--and frequent Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations guest--Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin in New York City. In addition to shots of Ripert skewering lobster tails and plating delicate appetizers, Selby attached a scanned copy of a quirky questionnaire he gave the chef, which includes questions like "draw and label the four tastiest fish in the ocean."