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Find: Dirt Dart

A mobile bike repair service


When we first spotted Steve Parrish, he had an array of knobby-tired mountain bikes, tiny kids bikes and sleek road bikes propped up in a downtown parking lot. Under the bright afternoon sun, he adjusted cranks, filled tires and soaped down dirty frames, stopping occasionally to grab a tool from his tricked-out mobile bike repair trailer.

Parrish was in the middle of a corporate tune-up, a service he offers to businesses in the Treasure Valley who want to "get the whole office up and biking their way to a better, greener, healthier way to get to work or get around."

The complete tune-up includes a bike wash and inspection, wheel truing, brake adjustment, derailleur adjustment and a cable and drivetrain lube. Though the complete tune-up usually runs $65 per bike, Parrish offers $10 off during corporate tune-ups.

Parrish started Dirt Dart in 1994 and started fixing bikes at races. Over the years, his business has expanded to include house calls, which he makes in his mobile bike repair trailer. The slick trailer is filled with bike parts, tubes, tires, an air compressor and a DVD player so Parrish can geek out over mountain biking videos in his down time.