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Find: Bike Wine Rack

For the wino on the go


Everybody jokes about filling a CamelBak with booze. But let's talk logistics here: Say you dump a magnum of white zin into that thick plastic pouch and strap it on your back. You take a few pulls from the mouthpiece--as you're working up a sweat hiking or biking--and you start to feel a little tipsy. But after the novelty wears off, you'll start to crave a cool sip of H20. Too bad your CamelBak is filled with gradually warming, sticky sweet plastic-permeating hooch.

Well, lucky for all the drunksersizers out there, there's another way to get your wino on while you're on the go. Etsy seller Oopsmark from Montreal, Canada, makes the Bike Wine Rack, a simple leather strappy device that keeps a bottle of vino in place as you're pedaling your ride down the street. The rack attaches to a 1-inch bike frame and can be adjusted to fit different types of 3-inch bottles with a clamping system that holds the bottle securely in place.

The elegant, brass-buttoned rack attachment costs around $30, plus shipping, but is sure to come in handy when you're on your way to a park picnic, a barbecue or a family reunion.