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Finch=New Breed of Jailbird


But for every would-be car-jacker who gets a high-speed joyride for his troubles, there's another who just gets trouble. Take Joshua Finch, the 24-year-old Boisean who was arrested on the same day as Cheser, but on charges of attempted robbery (and, just for fun, resisting and obstructing officers and destruction/concealment of evidence) after he allegedly tried to steal a truck at gunpoint. According to a department release, officers were called to the 1000 block of Royal Boulevard, between Boise State and Ann Morrison Park, when a man reported that someone had tried unsuccessfully to persuade him to part with his pickup. The victim gave officers a good description of the suspect, and officers soon found someone matching that description on an early morning stroll on the Greenbelt. A brief foot pursuit ensued, during which officers say they saw Finch dump some items along the path. They later found a handgun on the riverbank. The chase ended when an officer cut the suspect off with his patrol car on the Boise State campus.