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Fill Your Shelves With Finds From Meridian Library's Book Sale

Thursday, Dec. 1 - Saturday, Dec. 3


Amazon and Barnes & Noble have just introduced new versions of their popular e-readers, the Kindle and the Nook, which double as tablets like the popular iPad. And while we get that it's cool to carry thousands of books in such a compact way, and that it probably cuts down on deforestation, no matter how convenient they are, these fancy tablets will never have the romantic tangibility of an old book. E-readers don't have crisp, smooth pages on which you can scribble notes, that musty sweet smell or the nice cracking in their spines. And, most importantly, you can't line the walls of your apartment with all the e-books you've devoured to demonstrate your exquisite intellectual tastes.

Book purists can rejoice and maybe help give some old books a new home at the Meridian Library Book Sale. The sale will feature books for $2 or less, and you can rest easy knowing the profits will benefit the library, which loves books as much as you do.