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Figgy Bakes is on the Rise with Pop-Up Tables of Themed Desserts


  • Lex Nelson
Katy Vestal, the creative force behind Figgy Bakes, plunged herself into the world of baking just over a year ago, but you'd never know it to look at a spread of her cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

  • Harrison Berry
At Tasso on First Thursday, Aug. 2, Vestal presided over a long wooden table of her desserts, which looked, in a word, magical. The key lime and white chocolate cookies were sprinkled with edible golden glitter, the "Shades of Love" fruit tarts were crowned with innumerable sliced stone fruits and berries, and the "Hummingbird Cupcakes" seemed positively wild with their tufts of candied herbs and huckleberries.

It was one of Vestal's very first pop-ups. Just a few months earlier, she had been baking at night and working as a stylist at a boutique during the day.

“I had a friend who owned [another] boutique that I would go to, and she offered ‘Do you want to do a pop-up?’” Vestal said, recalling the start of Figgy back in April when baking was still a hobby. In just a few weeks, she had business cards and an LLC.

  • Lex Nelson
Their visual appeal isn't the only thing that sets Figgy's pop-ups apart. They often also have themes, which Vestal chooses in the days leading up to each event. At Tasso, where the pop-up was coordinated with ink and watercolor artist Camilla Dahlin, the theme was "Blue," which Vestal said reflected the fact that both she and Dahlin had "a lot of angst for what was happening with the immigration situation."

"She was painting a lot with blues to ge
t a retreat in peace and sanctuary,” Vestal explained, adding that she associates blue with water and the "fluidity of love." Since Figgy emphasizes natural, whole-food ingredients, she also liked the challenge blue presented in sourcing for her desserts.

"Freeze-dried blueberries is a great way to source blue in baking," Vestal said. She also used activated charcoal to achieve blue-gray tones, mixing a small amount into the batter for her blueberry-vanilla cake with honey-almond mascarpone.

Though she plans to continue doing pop-ups, Vestal has feelers out for something bigger: She's enrolling in required food safety classes, looking into a commercial kitchen in Meridian, and working with local coffee shops and restaurants to stock her treats. She also hopes to ramp up her catering business, focusing on intimate events like house parties where desserts are often overlooked.

“Desserts are like a nap. You need a dessert—it makes you a better, kinder person,” she said.

In the meantime, sweet enthusiasts can find Figgy Bakes' confections at a West Elm pop-up on Saturday, Aug. 11, from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. and at Mixed Greens for First Thursday on Sept. 6.