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FiberTrain Wool Festival

Sunday-Monday, May 25-26


Counting imaginary sheep can serve as a useful tool for falling asleep. Counting real sheep is useful when you're at the FiberTrain Wool Festival. That's right--no pulling the wool over your eyes--this is an entire festival dedicated to the warm fuzzy material sheared off docile mammals. Festival goers will have the opportunity to try everything from sock-spinning to goat-milking to how to select the proper fleece for your scarf or sweater. If you're a first-timer, no need to feel sheepish--instructors will be on hand to teach you what you need to know. For the casual herders out there, there are free classes available. For those looking to level up to Master Shepherd, a variety of experts will be on hand to bestow knowledge in paid workshops. So whether you're a cashmere collector, a merino man or an angora enthusiast, go to the festival on Sunday and call in sick Monday--because you're sick of not going to wool festivals on weekdays.