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F&G Nixes New HQ

Proposed three-story building would have crowded nature center


Just a few months after getting the green light to build a new, larger headquarters on their site near the Boise River Greenbelt (BW May 31, 2006, News, "Watch Out for the Nature"), the Idaho Fish and Game appears to have given the idea a pass, for now.

"Right now we're on hold, so to speak," said Steve Barton, assistant to Fish and Game director Steve Huffaker.

The new building would likely have cost about $10 million to build, and the tab was headed for the Idaho Wildlife Foundation. A request for proposals, as well as an application to the City of Boise, had already gone out for review. The approximately 80,000 square feet of offices, meeting rooms and classrooms, Barton said previously, would be welcome to an agency that has precious little space for its employees or the public. But fans of Boise's MK Nature Center, which is located across the parking lot from the existing headquarters, worried they'd get dwarfed by the proposed three-story building.

"The commission felt it was not the best time to move forward," Barton said. "They wanted a chance to re-evaluate needs."