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Feds Join Eastern Idaho Investigation Into Cyberbully Incident



The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force has been called in to assist eastern Idaho law enforcement investigating the suicide of a high-school student who reportedly killed herself after being cyberbullied.

The Idaho State Journal reports West Side High School student Cassandra Porter, 17, killed herself in February. Her father said a short time later he was convinced his daughter had been the target of bullying via Facebook.

Craig Porter told the Journal his daughter tried to take her own life once before, after being targeted with what the paper described as "awful, graphic things." The girl's parents, who live in the Franklin County community of Dayton, said they limited their daughter's phone time and Facebook usage and got her into counseling. Still, on Feb. 22, she took her own life.

Feds and the Franklin County Sheriff's Office are asking for the public's help in the investigation. Anyone with information is invited to call 208-852-1234.