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Federal Court Affirms Attorney's Fees in CCA Settlement


  • Idaho Department of Correction

Corrections Corporation of America has received yet another unfavorable ruling, this time from a federal appeals court. It's the latest chapter in the tangled saga of Idaho's failed experiment with private prisons.

The appeals court on May 23 upheld the attorney fees piece of an earlier settlement between CCA and eight inmates who successfully argued CCA employees falsified staffing records to the tune of 4,800 hours. Monday's ruling affirmed attorney's fees and costs of almost $350,000.

CCA announced it would toss back the private prison keys to the state of Idaho in 2013 and paid a $1 million settlement after U.S. District Judge David Carter ruled it had violated its $29 million contract with Idaho over the falsified staffing records.

If CCA wishes to further contest the settlement, it will need to file for an en-banc review in the U.S. 9th Circuit Court.

"There's always a risk for people to cut corners," said ACLU Communications and Outreach Coordinator Jess McCafferty. "CCA proved there are reasons people should be concerned."