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February Fury: Mascot Melee at Eastern Idaho Basketball Game


  • HIghland High School Athletics

March might have madness, but February has fury. It's championship season, as Idaho high schools battle one another to get a chance to advance to the state high-school basketball championships this weekend. Some of that school spirit got a bit out of hand, as police had to quickly break up an altercation involving mascots at an eastern Idaho basketball game.

The Idaho State Journal reports the incident occurred Tuesday night during a boys' basketball game, where the Pocatello Highland Rams were taking on Rexburg's Madison Bobcats.

During a break in the 
  • Madison High School Athletics
action, the Highland mascot (yes, that would be a ram) inched over to the Madison side of the court. Feeling as if the ram was in enemy territory, the Madison mascot (that would be a bobcat) reportedly shoved the ram. Students then began jumping from their seats in the bleachers, spurring a melee on the hardcourt.

Ultimately, the Highland ram ended up on the ground and the State Journal reports that's when students from the Highland side of the court entered the skirmish.

Several police officers were on the scene to break up the fight and usher at least one student off the court. According to the Journal, the student was later allowed to return. No word yet on whether any of the students will face disciplinary action.

Madison won the nail-biter, defeating Highland, 62-61.