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February 23, 2005

Thoughtful, thrusting, poetic power rock • tunes from the royal courts • the bluesman cometh • quest for the best • alt-metal quartet • oc rock • finger lickin' good


thoughtful, thrusting, poetic power rock


Feel jerked around lately with Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons' recent scheduling antics? First they are coming, then they aren't, and then they are. So what's the story, guys? The official word is that the dynamic Portland trio is still planning their trip to Boise for the previously scheduled date, but the venue is different. Thank goodness they worked it out, so Boiseans will get to see the gimmick-less jammers promote their recently released live album Mouthful of Copper, which was recorded over three nights in Butte, Montana in August 2002.

Wednesday, Feb. 23, 9 p.m., $10 in advance, $12 at the door, Neurolux, 111 N. 11th St., 343-0886.

tunes from the royal courts


Pack your mace, chug some mead and grab your bawdiest wench because the Concert of Medieval and Renaissance Music is rolling into town. Typically a celebration of the first harvest, this event is timely, but there ain't no grape stomping. There will, however, be Renaissance dances, madrigals, a recorder consort, brass quintet and songs by court-minstrel Jack Brown. Come early for the pre-funk: lute music and wassail (spiced cider).

Friday, Feb. 25, 7:30 p.m., FREE (but donations are accepted), First Congregational Church, 2201 Woodlawn, 344-5731.

the bluesman cometh


So if you know blues, you know Johnny Rawls is notorious for being determined (250 shows a year) and innovative (singer, songwriter, guitarist, arranger and producer). Rawls started playing music as a kid, and now that's he sixty-something, he's pretty much perfected a style that is clearly steeped in the 1950s and 1960s soul-blues tradition but blended with current techniques and topics.

Friday and Saturday, Feb. 25 and 26, 9 p.m., FREE, Ha' Penny, 855 Broad St., 343-5568.

quest for the best


Those homegrown growlers Paylface championed over other great local bands for the crown as Idaho's winner of the Northwest Quest for the Best band contest. So the guys are off to show the Spokesters who is boss when they musically tackle the Washington winner Half Halo on Feb. 24 at The Big Easy in Spokane. Then the two bands light it up for Boiseans in a seriously high-tech showdown: After the two concerts, fans will determine the overall Northwest winner in an online voting competition from Feb. 26 through March 3. Follow my best Ryan Seacrest imitation: Go to, click on the Northwest Best link and vote your little hearts out like it's Clay vs. Ruben.

Saturday, Feb. 26, 8 p.m., $5, The Big Easy, 416 S. 9th St., 367-1212.

alt-metal quartet


In 1994, Papa Roach released an EP called Potatoes for Christmas, which is awesome because I too have been gifting my loved ones with spuds since I moved to Idaho. Papa Roach, the alt-metal quartet, is often pissed off (surely not at their carby Xmas gifts).

"We just put up our middle finger to critics and said, 'We're gonna do what we're gonna do,'" says singer Jacoby Shaddix. What they did was release their newest album Getting Away With Murder last year, but still they are best known for the 2000 single "Last Resort." Skindred and The F-Ups open what will likely be an abrasive and insightful show.

Monday, Feb. 28, 7:30 p.m., $19.50, Big Easy, 416 S. 9th St., 367-1212.

oc rock


The band that Revolver called "the Future of American Metal" has created a disc that Metal Hammer credited as Album of the Year. Rawk on, Eighteen Visions! 18V, touring with their goldenchild record Obsession, stands out from the pack of rock-metal hardcore bands that tend to blur; they look flashy-sharp, not grubby, and they take themselves in stride with an alert pomposity-all of which seems appropriate for a band of kids from Cali's lustrous Orange County. Though the band has seen a revolving array of members since their mid-90s inception, they've stuck to their original format-hardcore, straight edge and doing it all with flair. Emery, Remembering Never and Misery Signals also play.

Thursday, Feb. 24, 6:30 p.m., $10-$15, The Venue, 523 Broad St., 919-0011.

finger lickin' good


I like cold beverages. Especially when it's hot outside and I'm gnawing on a side of ribs covered in G. Love and Special Sauce. That would be the Philadelphia-based trio that is so laid back they're practically supine. With G. Love (born Garrett Dutton) on guitar/vocals/harmonica, Jeff Clemens on drums and Jim Prescott on upright bass, the dudes twist blues and R&B with hip-hop and reggae in such a casual way that the sound is uniquely alluring and refreshing. Mmm. Make my cold beverage a sloe gin fizz, please.

Tuesday, March 1, 8 p.m., $18 in advance, $20 at the door, Big Easy, 416 S. 9th St., 367-1212.