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Feb. 5, 2018: What to Know


  • Bingo Barnes
  • The 52nd Super Bowl lived up to its promise Sunday night as the underdog Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots, 41-33. Eagles backup quarterback Nick Foles threw for three touchdown passes and caught one himself, a first for the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, Patriots superstar quarterback Tom Brady, who was going for his sixth Super Bowl victory, said, "Losing sucks."
  • Meanwhile, the commercials that appeared during the Super Bowl broadcast had their own winners and losers. Criticism was swift for a commercial using a sermon given by slain civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King to advertise for Dodge Ram trucks.

  • Ada County Sheriff's Office
  • W. Thomas Faucher, 72
  • A new study from ZipRecruiter, a job search website, reveals that the U.S. cannabis industry is growing so fast that there are now more legal cannabis workers in America than there are dental hygienists. The total number of job postings for the cannabis industry increased 445 percent in 2017, according to ZipRecruiter. Nine states and Washington, D.C., have legalized cannabis.
  • Saturday Night Live's Cecily Strong says Melania Trump likes her impersonation of the First Lady. Vanity Fair reports that Strong recently told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, "I've heard through the grapevine that she watches the show and likes it." During a post-show event, Donald Trump pointed to Strong and said, "She likes your impression."

  • A European airline has launched a unique campaign for lovesick passengers: the airline is giving free tickets to whoever writes the best love poem on an airsickness bag. According to the United Kingdom's website, EasyJet is inspiring its passengers to write love poems on the back of EasyJet airsickness bags (preferably unused).  The passengers will then be entered for a chance to win a a pair of tickets to anywhere within the airline's network.  The winner of the contest will be decided by Daisy Goodwin, who writes for the PBS show, Victoria.