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Boise Weekly 's annual examination of the edible


We can hardly believe it's been a year since we last put food on the chopping block and shined a giant lime-colored light on the subject of comestibles. Yep, 52 glorious issues between this collection of cuisine and the last, in which we cast a rainbow over the world of food and deconstructed our creation one color at a time. Ha, had you fooled didn't we? It's true, the moon has barely completed five full phases and we're already hip deep in dedicating an entire feature section to tea and crumpets. No, we're not force feeding you a food issue semiannually, nor are we trying to pull off a premature April Fool's prank at the expense of eager food beavers citywide. Truth be told, we have simply relocated the food issue, rescuing it from its fall home in October to breathe a little spring life into our coverage. Rest assured, it will be another 52 glorious issues until we take another opportunity to blather on about food we love.

In this inaugural spring issue of food, a quick scan of the headlines reveals no thread of cleverness linking each element's subject matter. Quite simply, this issue's common denominator is food. Find a meal deal beyond the fast food franchise and log on to our Web site to add your own favorite cheap eats. Embark on a journey into the often unknown tastebud adventure that is organ meats and chicken feet. Critically examine the restaurant food fads infiltrating Boise's culinary see-and-be-seen hub--downtown. And peer in on a personal side of Boise Weekly staff members, as we divulge our final meal wishes in a morbid little piece accompanied by a rendition of a DaVinci classic.

Without further ado ... bon appetit.

--Rachael Daigle