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Favorite Foods/Hot + Spicy

Keepin' in hot in all forms

Volcano Roll Shige Japanese Cuisine Battered, fried, filled with cream cheese and doused in sriacha, it's what the cool kids order.

Green Chili The Green Chile Featuring real Hatch chiles in this Southwesten favorite.

Korean Tacos Rice Works Crazy-hot tacos from a food truck.

Habanero Pizza Flying Pie Pizzaria There are three heat option for this one. The Tripple uses 18 habaneros on this pizza that's so hot it's been featured on Man v. Food.

Hot Rock Filet Barbacoa The heat comes from the steaming hot rock it's served on.

Habanero Curry Taj Mahal Herbs help balance the dish to create an addictive kind of heat.