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Fat Elvis Has Entered the Cell


An Idaho man wanted in connection with a string of bank robberies in Idaho and Montana has been arrested after an armed standoff that lasted so long, nearby evacuees had a pizza party in the middle of it.

Faron Hawkins, 48, was taken into custody around 4:30 a.m. on August 11 at a campsite near the Dalles, Oregon. Police are sweet on Hawkins for a couple of stick-up jobs, including one where a suspect in a hat with a "USA" logo robbed a Key Bank on Overland Road (BW, True Crime, "Patriot Exercises Freedom to Break Law," December 16, 2005), and another where a 300-pound suspect wearing gold Elvis-style sunglasses knocked over--so to speak--the U.S. Bank next to Karcher Mall in Nampa (BW, True Crime, "Curvaceous Gentlemen Prefer U.S. Bank," May 31).

Officers were reportedly snooping around the campground where Faron was camped with Darcy Lynn Bervik, 46, and the pair's three children, ages 10, 8 and 1, investigating an unrelated matter, when they noticed a Ford pickup that had been reported stolen three days earlier. When they tried to get the attention of someone in the 27-foot camper behind the truck, Hawkins allegedly pulled a gun on them. That led to a 12-hour standoff that resulted in all 60 of the park's camping spots being evacuated.

The area Parks and Rec manager told The Oregonian that he bought a heap of pizza for the displaced vacationers, but that a few had less luck when they tried to venture out on their own and camp in a nearby rest area.

"Wouldn't you know that's the night that the sprinklers would come on," Price told the paper. "The people that got wet laughed hilariously." Tee-hee!