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Fascism comes to America


There was a raid last week at a New Bedford, Massachusetts, leather factory where immigrants mainly from Guatemala and El Salvador were detained due to inability to prove that they were in the U.S. legally. Unfortunately, some of these detainees were the sole or primary caretakers of children. A friend of mine is enraged over the fact that some of these women were whisked away without determining whether children were being left behind. She e-mailed Immigration and Naturalization Services who claimed they are not responsible for the raid and stated that U.S. Immigration and Customs enforcement was responsible. They have no e-mail address, so she called them.

When inquiring about the purpose of the raid, the person on the phone informed her that this was part of their homeland security mission. My friend expressed her concern for these women and their children and inquired of the woman on the phone as to how she would feel if she were rounded up and shipped 1,000 miles away from her kids and said that this seems like something that would have been done in Nazi Germany. She was told that her phone call was considered to be a threatening phone call and that they have her number.

Another friend, who often e-mails great quotes, sent the following one the same day with subject "... are you paying attention?"

"When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." --Sinclair Lewis

--Sally Freeman