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Farewell, Boise Weekly


This is the final edition in which you'll see my name in the masthead as editor of Boise Weekly. After almost a decade in and out of these pages and with more than four years as editor-in-chief, I'm moving on.

As my time at BW has drawn to a close over the last few weeks, I've thought often about what my final words in this space would be. Yet as my deadline drew nearer, I was no closer to finding the right words than I was when I published my first terse and strained Editor's Note. These are the times as a writer when you hope profundity is on your side. When you believe that somehow, some way, at the final minute, a bolt of genius will strike and some sort of timeless and universal truths will magically pour forth onto the page.

But in life's most sincere moments, simplicity and gratitude trump genius.

First, thank you to BW Publisher Sally Freeman, who promoted me to editor and gave me an incredible opportunity to shape Boise Weekly and my community. Sally, you are the driving force behind what has made the paper an integral part of this city. Thank you for allowing me to do such important work with you.

Second, thank you to you, readers. I've heard from many of you over the years--sometimes in anger and sometimes with admiration--and I appreciate not only your kind words but your harsh comments. If I hadn't been told on the semi-regular that there was a special place in hell for me, I'm not sure I would have been doing my job right.

Finally, thank you to my colleagues over the years. I have great respect for those of you with whom I've served in the BW trenches, and to those of you who continue on to fight the good fight: best of luck.

As of press time, my replacement as editor had not been named. Freeman is working hard on it and will be standing in my place in the interim.