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Fantasy Movie League

For the competitive film buff inside all of us


Are you a film buff who's tired of your sports-obsessed coworkers monopolizing the Monday morning conversation with talk of their football/basketball/hockey/baseball fantasy leagues? Now, there's something new just for you: The Fantasy Movie League.

The Fantasy Movie League is a free, online "fantasy sports-style weekend movie box office game, where players use their knowledge and skill to pick which group of films will generate the highest gross revenue." Players get $1,000 in FML Bux to build a weekly slate of up to eight movies to screen at their "Fantasy Cineplex"—every film has an FML Bux price tag—then compete against friends or public leagues for the biggest box office numbers. The bigger the numbers, the higher the score. And it's not all make-believe: Players with the highest scores get Fandango gift cards and other prizes.

You can jump in at any time but to compete with other public leagues, national contests are broken down into spring, summer, fall and award seasons.