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Fandemonium 2014

Runs through Sunday, Aug. 3


Fandemonium is a convention "for the fans, by the fans," and when the fans asked for more, they got it. The now-three-day event held in downtown Boise has grown since its inception 11 years ago, when it was a smaller, primarily sci-fi oriented gathering at the Nampa Civic Center.

But regardless of how big Fandemonium may get, organizers pride themselves on facilitating a safe, fun environment for fans of sci-fi, fantasy, cosplay, animation, illustration, writing, LARPing, games, horror and more.

Fandemonium 2014 will feature a Merchant Row and Artist Alley, as well as Dead Town (an interactive group zombie survival game); a cosplay contest; a Doctor Who viewing room; workshops, panels, contests and a talent show; quiz and dating games; and so many other activities and events that, if you weren't a fan before, you will be after Fandemonium.