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Family [vaga]Bonding Part 1: Getting Ready to Travel

Tuesday, Feb. 5, Jack's Urban Meeting Place


In the 2006 comedy RV, bumbling patriarch Bob (Robin Williams) upends his family's normal lives and drags them on a family vacation that seems to last a lifetime on wheels. It's full of dysfunction and hilarity in equal measure, and if you've seen it, you just might be mentally prepared for Family [vaga]Bonding, the two-part guide to traveling full time as a family that will pop up at JUMP on Tuesday, Feb. 5, and Tuesday, Feb. 19. During the series, locals Macy and James Miller will offer tips that they picked up over the last year, when they lived on the road with their family in a home-built RV. Look forward to lessons on jobs, insurance, vehicle types, budgets, school, kids and pets—in short, "everything you need to know to prepare for your adventure before driving your first mile."