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Family and Friends


The song names alone on Family and Friends' latest alt-rock album, Felix Culpa (self-released, 2018), are evocative of the band's style: "Houndstooth," "Ouroboros," "So Within // So Without," "Youth and Young," "Shivers," and "Double Vision," to name a few. This is a group that's plain on its face—five young 20-somethings making easy-listening, anthemic music with southern college roots—but highly intelligent underneath. Translated from Latin, the name of its latest album means "happy fault" or "blessed fall," a nod to both the happy accidents that bring people together and music into being, and the Christian story of original sin bringing man low. And it lives up to its name, too, with dueling drummers and energetic tracks self-described as "U2's Boy meets Greta Gerwig's Lady Bird." Catch Family and Friends at Neurolux while you can.

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