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Facebook's Own Instagram

But didn't Facebook just buy Instagram for $1 billion?


Remember when Facebook announced it was buying Instagram for $1 billion?

Facebook might not.

Facebook is launching Facebook Camera, an app for editing, filtering and sharing photos. Facebook Camera has 15 filters and functions a lot like Instagram, at least when Instagram was only available for Apple devices.

If you're wondering why Facebook would buy Instagram and then release an app that seems a lot like Instagram, you're not alone.

The New York Times said Facebook is targeting a different audience: the 860 million Facebook users who aren't on Instagram, which is home to about 40 million photographers.

A Facebook spokesman told TechCrunch he expects Facebook Camera could provide "some healthy competition" to Instagram, which Facebook has vowed to keep independent.

Facebook product manager Dirk Stoop said Facebook Camera's apps were developed in-house and not borrowed from Instagram.

Facebook Camera has one huge advantage over Instagram, according to TechCrunch: the option to upload multiple photos at once.

The Internet is still not sure.