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Experimental Comedy Night with Chalivera

Friday, Feb. 6


The word "experimental" does not always have a positive connotation. It's a word that says, "Hey, we don't have a plan for what we're about to do, so we're going to wing it and hope it works out." However, we wouldn't get too far in science, technology or art without experiments. Local comedy duo Chalivera isn't working on a medical breakthrough, but it does know a little something about funny, so you can expect po-ha-ha-sitive results from Experimental Comedy Night at Crazy Horse, a "showcase featuring acts ranging from transgender/transvestite comedians to musical improv—all the way out to the limits of Kaufmanesque experimentation with the comedy genre." Chalivera will be joined by Gabriel Hess, Dylan Hughes, Chris Sundberg and Comedy Cinema Remix. Minerva Jayne, the hostess with the mostess, will serve as emcee.