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Evoluent Vertical Mouse


The technology inside computers, TVs and cellphones has undergone profound change since its inception, but the shape of those devices has remained essentially the same--even cellphones, which no longer have to be hauled around in a briefcase or a bag (a la Radar O'Reilly), are still rectangular descendants. The same goes for computer peripherals like the monitor and the keyboard and, in particular, the mouse--the one device most in need of a design overhaul. Any orthopedist will confirm that repetitive motion with your hand and forearm twisted at the angle necessary to use a mouse will cause problems, and any carpal tunnel syndrome-sufferer will agree.

The Evoluent Six-Button Vertical Mouse, which looks like something Matt Groening drew for Futurama, literally turns traditional mouse design on its side. Your hand rests in a natural, comfortable, "handshake" pose; your thumb rests on a ledge; and three buttons and a scroll wheel are right at your fingertips. The Evoluent mouse comes in a handful of colors, is available in both bluetooth and hard-wired, has models for both left-handed and right-handed users, and comes in regular and small to accommodate most hand sizes. Switching to an Evoluent mouse takes a little time, as muscle memory fights back and you experience "crazy cursoritis"--an inability to keep your cursor from wigwagging across the screen. Before long, comfort will overcome conditioning and using the Evoluent begins to feel as natural as shaking hands... with the future.