Evil Wine Carnival Brings Debauchery to Boise

Saturday, Sept. 29-Monday, Oct. 1


Last year's inaugural Evil Wine Carnival wasn't just a concert. It featured everything from bands to comedians to performance art to a blindfolded Wes Malvini--the event's promoter--sitting against a wall with his hands behind his back so people who donated $1 to Radio Boise could throw onions at his crotch, Jackass-style.

This year's incarnation is shaping up to be no tamer.

Evil Wine has teamed up with WavePOP and decided to spread the shennanigans across three days at Visual Arts Collective, Red Room and the Eyes of the World Imports' parking lot.

Dozens of bands will be playing both inside and outside Red Room and Visual Arts Collective, along with films including the Evil Wine Show special The Bible the Movie: Part 2, DJ battles, comedy performances and special contests like a dildo toss and "guess that smell" quiz.

The event will be headlined by Hollywood crap-rockers Green Jello, who will take to the stage at Red Room Saturday, Sept. 29.

Considering how long it has been since the band toured or recorded, don't be surprised if you are scratching your heads and saying, "Who?"

Perhaps you know the band by the name Green Jelly, which it had to take after being sued by Jell-O. Or maybe you know it as the band Maynard James Keenan was sort of in before Tool. Or perhaps you don't know the band at all.

But what you probably will recognize is its metaltastic reboot of the Three Little Pigs story. Its sludgy riff, comic lyrics and claymation video were a stoner staple of MTV late nights.

But, ultimately, Green Jello is a band to see live.

Even if that doesn't sound like your cup o' tea, Meth House Party Band, Art Fad, The Useless, Sandusky Furs, Trinomikon, DJ Skape and Reflektion, Andy D., The Sneezz, Cerberus Rex, Microbabies, A.K.A. Belle, Storie Grubb and the Holy Wars, Grandma Kelsey, James Plane Wreck, The Hand, CAMP, Point Break 2, Bar Carb, Hol-O-Grabs, Big Ups, DJ Skape, Godcrotch, Strange Vine, 1D, Sad Horse and First Borns will all also take to the stages throughout the weekend.

Tickets are $18 in advance for an all-access pass, $12 in advance or $15 at the door for the Green Jelly/o show and $3-$5 per day for the Eyes of the World Imports parking lot, Visual Arts Collective and Monday, Oct. 1, Red Room shows.

Carnival weekend proceeds will benefit Go Listen Boise. Check out the event on Facebook and for full details.