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Everything Is Terrible Crashes the 1990s at Spacebar

Friday, Dec. 14


Existential angst is traditionally the purview of philosophers. From Jean-Paul Sartre's bleak opening observation in Being And Nothingness--that a thing is merely the sum of its appearances--to Albert Camus' The Stranger, which confounds high-school seniors to this day, the existential school of philosophy seems to pride itself in miring observers in confusion and despair.

If you're looking for proof of the nothingness of being but haven't time to explore an 800-page book your philosophy nerd friends will insist you don't understand, look no further than Everything Is Terrible, the traveling viral-videos-condensed-from-VHS show hosted by Spacebar Arcade Friday, Dec. 14.

The name of the event alone should be enough to illuminate the core tenets of existential philosophy, but if a skeptic you are, $5 gets you into the show, which features absurd, weird and hilarious viral-style videos culled from Everything Is Terrible's vast cache of VHS tapes.

Everything Is Terrible describes itself as "seven furry, lovable Internet monsters who live in a cave full of VCRs and solve mysteries," editing tapes down to a humorous mish-mash, burning the whole project to DVD and traveling the country to expose the VHS age for what it was: a carnival of tom-foolery, low production values and souls bared in front of enormously expensive analog cameras.

It's fitting that the event is taking place at Spacebar, a venue that prides itself on sniffing out ancient arcade games for Boise's sentimental gamers.