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Every Kind of Light: The Posies


Not being familiar with the Posies before this review, I can't say if their latest album, Every Kind of Light, is indicative of their general approach. I can say, though, that it doesn't sound like their seven-year hiatus from studio recording has dulled their skills. It ain't a concept album, but you can leave those to groups like Queensryche and Pink Floyd, anyway. For power pop, this disc's a solid bet.

Granted, not everything is perfect. The band stumbles with the first track, "It's Great to Be Here Again," a somewhat political pop song that sounds like an abandoned Crowded House outtake. The weak lyrics and structure don't work, however admirable the sentiment. Other political ditties, like the traditional blues of "Could He Treat You Better?" and the alt-countryish closer "Sweethearts of Rodeo Drive," fare better lyrically and musically.

Overall, the disc's sound is surprisingly rhythm-driven; although the songwriting and harmonies of the band's two founders are much of what makes the Posies work, the producers decided not to mix the drums and bass into the background. The overall effect is to give the songs a deeper, rounder sound than power pop purists might expect; in short, it's all good.