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Escape Styles of the Young and Naked


For the second week in a row, an Idaho Department of Corrections of inmate has abandoned a work crew in search of a less imprisoned life. Unlike last week's fugitive, Jess Charles Tronson of Bannock County didn't even have enough time to grab a beer in freedom before getting recaptured-not that he was old enough, or clothed enough, to get served.

Tronson, 19, was serving a 5- to 10-year sentence for burglary at a minimum-security facility. On July 20, he jumped out of the back of an IDOC bus at the intersection of Marigold and State streets after a day of work on a road crew. According to a department release, he began running east toward the Greenbelt, stripping off his red and blue work crew duds as he ran.

Authorities responded immediately, setting up a perimeter around the escape area and looking for a shirtless 19-year-old. In Garden City in the summer, one can hardly throw a beer can without hitting someone of that description, but miraculously police were able to capture Tronson as he attempted to blend in along the Greenbelt.