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Eric Tollefson Brings Tunes From Bend to Boise

Thursday, March 24, Reef


Bend, Ore., isn't the musical hotbed that Detroit, Athens, Ga., or Austin, Texas are. But 27-year-old singer/songwriter Eric Tollefson found enough inspiration there after quitting his job as a stockbroker to become a full-time musician.

It didn't hurt that Tollefson, who grew up in Juneau, Alaska, worked for Bend-based Breedlove guitars for a few years after leaving Smith Barney or that he befriended Boise balladeers Matt Hopper and James Orr, with whom he has continued to play. Though he has been playing since middle school, Tollefson only really dug in about two years ago. Since then he has refined his bluesy, funky, pop sound and has a sophomore release due out in 2011. Tollefson said he loves to play live but is really looking forward to getting into the studio.

"At the moment, I have more fun performing," he said. "But when a song comes together, that's the best." Hear the best of both worlds when Tollefson and his full band play live on Thursday, March 24, at Reef.