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UPDATED WITH SLIDESHOW: Equinox Masquerade Ball

Saturday, March 19 at VAC


Grab a mask, unleash your inner Gaga and celebrate the long-awaited first eve of spring. As the center of the sun aligns with Earth's equator, which only occurs twice a year, Garden City's Visual Arts Collective will play host to myriad artistic stimuli during the Equinox Masquerade Ball.

These celebrations give the unique opportunity to leave your identity at the door and parade around in whichever masked personality you feel like inhabiting.

All the entertainment bases will be covered: visual and performance artists, dancers of various kinds, terrariums by Braden Jon Anderson, a hair show by D'Shaw Institute stylists, a wine tasting by Totally Random Sweet Red and musical performances by DJ Source Code, Pioneer Spirit, violinist Rumi Kuzmic and band Junior Rocket Scientist.

This collaboration, more like an updated, hipster Renaissance fair, should be enough to pry off winter's cadaver-like grip.