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Epic Movie


Broadcast on the front of the DVD case is the claim, "From two of the six Writers of Scary Movie." Unfortunately, two out of six ain't that great.

The latest in the great tradition of spoof films takes on the most popular current titles from the action, fantasy, science-fiction and comedy genres. But while the film's makers try desperately to get the copied sets, costuming and make-up effects just right, they almost totally forget about the script. The cast just sort of wanders around the screen, changing outfits and plots every five minutes.

The casting directors of Epic made some interesting hit-and-miss choices. While Saturday Night Live impersonator extraordinaire, Darrell Hammond was a spot-on Johnny Depp knockoff as Captain Jack Swallows, Jayma Mays' attempt at capturing the doe-eyed ditzyness of Scary Movie's Anna Faris met with dismal results. Comic veteran Jennifer Coolidge (Legally Blonde, Best In Show) portrays an alteration of a famed C.S. Lewis villain as the White Bitch while Kal Penn (Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle) earns his role by joking about having visited the villainess's "White Castle" before. Sadly, none of them have any quality lines to work with.

This one stinks. Flat out. If you must watch a spoof, revisit the Scary Movies, the Naked Guns, or go old school and get the Airplanes. But steer clear here. It's epically bad.