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Epic Meal Time Is Epic

79,000-calorie meals are the norm



Bacon strips and bacon strips

Canada has given us more than just Nickelback and Justin Bieber. Another gift from our neighbor to the north: Epic Meal Time.

EMT (the acronym may not be a coincidence) is an online "cooking show" that more closely resembles the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest than Emeril Live. The weekly episodes show six friends demolishing high-calorie meals that they create from meat, alcohol and fast food. It's hard to look away. There is something mind-boggling about an 85-egg sandwich, Four Loko chili and a Deathstar made of beef. And any meal is better with more bacon strips.

Debuting in October 2010, the friends made "The Worst Pizza Ever" with KFC chicken, a Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme, a Big Mac, chicken nuggets, a Baconator, french fries, an A&W burger, onion rings and a cheese pizza in an attempt "to take their tastebuds on an incredible journey." The dudes only get drunker and more absurd as the series continues. Their most "epic" meal, the Sloppy Roethlisberger, contained 20 pounds of ground beef and 20 pounds of bacon on a 10-pound bun. It contained 138,226 calories. Seriously.

Host Harley Morenstein used to be a teacher, molding young minds. Now he is molding food into bigger, more outrageous food. Ah, the American dream.

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