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Enjoy the Dynamic Duo of Cheese and Wine at Helina Marie's

Friday, Feb. 17


Long ago, British merchants had an old saying in regard to wine: "buy on an apple and sell on cheese." The meaning being, if you take a bite out of an apple and a prospective bottle of wine still tastes good, then it's a wine worth buying. If you take a bite of cheese and the wine still isn't palatable, then it's not worth the bottle it came in.

Point is, apples don't pair well with wine, but cheese can make any bottle more enjoyable. The wonderfully complex flavors that result from pairing a craft cheese with a good wine are surely one of the finest delicacies this existence has to offer.

Luckily for attendees of Helina Marie's wine-and-cheese tasting, the hand-selected wines on pour won't require any tricks to determine their worth. They'll all be up to par for even the pickiest of wine snobs. Nevertheless, plenty of locally crafted cheeses will complement the varieties of red and white drink.

Local Ballard Cheese will provide the cheeses, and the event will include opportunities to learn about cheese purchasing, storage, serving, recipes and everything else you might want to know.

So in this case, maybe the old saying should be amended: buy on cheese and then buy more cheese for later.