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Enjoy Some Prehistoric Party Time at the Red Room

Friday, Aug. 24


Dinosaurs will arrive in Boise Friday, Aug. 24. No, billionaire InGen CEO John Hammond's cloned reptiles haven't escaped Isla Nublar to terrorize the Treasure Valley. Instead the Red Room is hosting a Jurassic Park theme party.

The evening includes a lineup of live music and a free showing of the 1993 classic film, which tells the tale of cloned dinosaurs running amok in a Disneyland-like theme park. Dino drinks, a costume contest and a lineup of local and touring bands will accompany the film for a 1990s-era shindig steeped in nostalgia.

Those unable to make a love connection while wearing a rubber velociraptor costume will fall, by default, into the role of the bumbling Dennis Nedry, played by Wayne Knight.

Director Steven Spielberg's dinosaur action thriller remains close to the hearts of 20-somethings, partly because of the material--Michael Crichton's pseudo-scientific book by the same name--and partly because of Jeff Goldblum's interminable charisma. But mostly because of the velociraptors.

Red Room festivities kick off at 7 p.m. and organizers ask that attendees don costumes, such as khaki safari attire or rubber dinosaur costumes. The Best get-ups will net prizes and bar tabs. The two-hour, seven-minute movie will begin at 7:30 p.m.

Following the film, aptly named Boise band Cerberus Rex will join Jacksonville, Fla., acts Memphibians and Andrew Felts for an evening of live music. Rock 'n' roll DJ Cameron Andreas from CAMP will spin the rest of the night away.