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Enjoy a Tasty Rematch at Beer vs. Wine, Part Two

Thursday, May 17


Americans love a good food battle—witness the seemingly ceaseless stream of competition "reality" television shows that pair words like hell, wars, top and nightmares with culinary terms like cupcakes, chef and kitchen.

But what makes a food fight even better is including some stellar booze. Hence Beer vs. Wine Part II. This delicious rematch from the people over at Life's Kitchen—that neat-o place that helps at-risk youth while teaching them restaurant skills—features a six-course meal from chefs Ryan Hembree and Maggie Kiefer. Each course is paired with a beer and wine, and attendees cast their ballots for the libation that best complements each course. In the end, one chef takes home bragging rights and satiated dinner guests take home cabs.

The first installment of Beer vs. Wine was a big hit, and wine emerged victorious after the dessert course in a super-close competition. The Thursday, May 17, rematch will feature an all-vegetarian menu, with selections like stuffed Anaheim peppers, "fancy mac-n-cheese" and rhubarb mascarpone cake.

Proceeds from the event benefit the organization. And if the idea of helping out a unique and worthy program while chowing down and drinking up sounds too good to pass by, get movin'—reservations must be made no later than Wednesday, May 16, at 5 p.m. And if you want to choose your dining companions, grab some friends and organizers will work to make sure members of a group sit together.